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The Republican, Solomon, and Saline River valleys make up some of the richest farm ground in north central Kansas. 

As immigrants settled this area, they found the soil excellent for farming and livestock production. Hard red winter wheat quickly became the dominant crop.

Wooden elevators dotted the countryside as producers grew more and more grain.  In the 1950s, steel and concrete structures replaced the wooden grain storage facilities located in every town along the major roads and highways of Kansas.

As cultivated crop acres expanded, irrigation also began in these river valleys. New crops were introduced such as grain sorghum, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers in addition to the wheat acres.

The grain, once hauled by horse and wagon to country elevators as a collection process, began to move by larger trucks. From the country elevators, rail cars and semi trucks served as transportation modes to move grain to terminals and major domestic processor markets.  These terminals served as larger collection points for the grain.

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