Dynamic Pricing Platform Information

AgMark's Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP) is a unique website that allows Agmark producers and landlords to monitor grain bids, futures markets and offer your grain online! If it's your first time, register today by simply going to https://dpp.farmstech.com/agmark , click on "become a member" and fill out the requested information. After submitting your information and approval by AgMark, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then be able to log in to your secure grain marketing area to monitor bids and place grain offers.

By registering, you can . . .


Once your "firm offer" is approved, DPP takes the cash price you wanted for your grain and automatically sells it when that cash price is reached. As a producer, you designate the price you want and how much you want to sell based on the destination and delivery periods available.  Once the firm offer is approved by Agmark, you are in control of that offer.  You can change the offer price whenever you want and as many times as needed. Using the online system, offers are evaluated in real-time, tick by tick against the futures market.


  • The primary goal of DPP is to provide producers with more pricing flexibility and opportunities at better grain prices. The DPP is designed to monitor basis and live futures price in real time, and when they touch the producers desired cash price, the DPP executes the sale. Not only is the process automated, it takes some of the emotion out of selling grain.
  • The DPP was designed to monitor the grain markets and execute grain sales for farmers. DPP is there 24 hours a day to take and monitor your offers, whether it's 6:00 am or 6:00 pm.  All firm offers must be approved/accepted by AgMark before they are active.
  • The DPP lets you set your price, and you get priced on the rally.
  • The DPP allows you to change your offer as often as you like. You can manage your offers as often as you see fit, at whatever time you see fit.
  • The DPP provides email notification of expiring offers and fills on firm offers. You're busy, and that's why we send email reminders and notification.
  • The DPP provides an organized, centralized location to check your offers.
  • Plus additional market news and charts.
  • Minimum quantity for contracting: Wheat = 5,000 bushels; Corn, Milo, Soybeans = 1,000 bushels

We look forward to providing you the opportunity to market your grain 24/7.

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